Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 3 - Blog Entry From Karolin (Member Of Ensemble)

What a day...

First I have the brilliant idea of getting the District Line at Embankment thinking it will get me there on time, but no trains stop at New Cross. This is so lame, honestly, who wouldn't wanna go there? But don't panic, I still make it in (more or less) on time.

Today we start rehearsed in the Georgewood Theatre (in the drama department), which is nice because it's a change of location. Not so nice for Van (Ensemble Assistant) who had to carry the box of newspaper from location to another. 

Even before the warm up I feel much better today. I think my body kind of accepts the fact that we are working for the whole week and stopped the riot against me. We stretch, we focus on the horizon, we breathe, we walk, we grow...and I feel much lighter. Relaxed.

Alice goes through vocal warm ups with us. She really opens up to the group which is fantastic to watch and most enjoyable to participate in. The patience the crew display is just unbelievable. You'd think we're all mature enough to be quiet but no. You still get told to shut up! What was she saying? It's like working with little kids and I don't exclude myself. I love the motivation jokes, they totally work with me...

We worked on "Waiting", which is much better today. I feel more concentrated, maybe it's the artificial light or the fact we are actually standing on a stage. Maybe it's just two days of hard training, rehearsing and constant that's how it works! It sounds great and even the movements are sinking in. Well, not all of them, but most. With all the tapping, slapping and drumming, it's hard to imagine what the songs are like without the choreography. The songs would just be half-full. 

Can't wait to see the videos of them. It's great within the group but I imagine it look awesome from the front. 
I'm sure Van will make at least 10 videos. This woman is everywhere armed with cameras, recorder and laptop. Great job Van!

Later on we were introduced to a representative of the British Council, who gave us a talk about their work. It was fascinating to hear about the concert at The Barbican and what it represents. I got a bit nervous thinking about, but I'm sure I'll get over it after the gig. This is BIG people! 

Eska was here and we started work on "Batteries", which is an absolutely amazing song. I think we all picked up this song quite fast and it sounds great. To be totally honest I'm not sure how comfortable I will be with a black pillow case over my head... hmmm. The song is really strong and throws you into a very special mood, we feel the story, we tell the story and we know the story and I already I get goosebumps.

Lunch break exercise: find people you never talked to in the group, what a great idea and I have a really nice chat with Katanja, Clement and Alex.

So I leave once more to come back tomorrow with my harmonies in my head to come back tomorrow and sing my harmonies to leave once more with my harmonies in my head to come back and shine... oh yes, can't wait!

Live long and prosper,


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