Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day 2 - Blog Entry From Karolin (Member Of Ensemble)

So it's day two.

It feels like I've done this for ages. Everyone looks familiar... tired but familiar. We get rid of our shoes, we find our places and we have a really nice warm up in the morning with Struan (Choreographer) and a vocal warms up with Alice. I like both warm ups a lot because every movement just makes sense and it gives me time to wake up.

Oh yes my feet hurt from yesterday, my back says hello (helloooooooohooo...) and my shoulders are tense (maybe that's from my heavy bag full of stuff that I don't need for today). 

The exercise - We walk around alone but acknowledging the others, in pairs with eye contact, we bump into each other and as we walk alone (which was really interesting), suddenly it seemed like I was alone in the room which was a weird experience.

We find our places (more or less) and start on 'Breathe' and yes this song is all about breathing. I feel really dizzy after a while repetitively singing 'in' and 'out'.

Matthew Herbert arrives. YES it's Matthew Herbert. This guy standing in the back, that's his work we are doing here. Simon (Music Tutor) pushes him to the mic and we get a speech..... preach..... oh yes..... amen.... absolutely amazing. What a personality. There are still people out there, that want to change something, but not only for themselves but for something greater. I have to admit, it absolutely inspired me, or better it motivated me to keep going and I'm even more happy to be part of this project. Yes ma'am, now you can give me some jazz hands! It's not that you sit and think 'oh yes he is so wise...', but rather 'cool, what can I do?'.

Me like!

So I go with more energy into the next song after a fascinating introduction by Matthew Herbert. I'm not so delighted about singing along with John Major, (learning that he ended up being apart of the record) but his part is quite small. Although I feel like my head has the capacity of a sieve today, we slowly get there and this wonder of amazing sound and movement happens again. How do we do this guys? This is so strong!

Yes I am so tired, yes everything just hurts and yes my head is spinning, but YES I really enjoy this. Did I say yes? Yeeeeeeeees!

Lot's of love and see you tomorrow,


Memo to me... Breeeeeeeeeeathe!

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