Monday, 28 September 2009

Day 1 - Blog From Van (Production Assistant)

I have not done a blog before but I shall give it ago. I'm so excited and need to share with you all. Today was amazing, crazy, shocking, overwhelming........just a bundle of emotion. Why?????
I am apart of and witnessing a unique experience. In a space of a few hours I have seen an ensemble bring a song to life. The Story by Matthew Herbert was the first song we worked on today. It's about stories that aren't represented, supported, that fail to reach the masses. Stories that are important to a minority but not those who have power to amplify it to the majority. Deeeep innit? So I'm here trying to document this, take cool pictures and videos, but find myself stopping and simply watching and listening. Everyone in that room has a story. They have a story to why they decided to come to the rehearsal. They have a voice that tells a story and when their voices blend together like that, it is POWERFUL.
And this comes from an ensemble that has just learnt that song in a few hours??????? WOW, I'm blown away.


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