Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 2 -Blog From Van (Production Assistant)

Day 2 - We had Matthew Herbert himself come in and talk about the music we are all performing this week. He discussed the thoughts, feelings and inspiration behind the music. Every song having it story to it development. What I found interesting is it wasn't written or recording in a way that most musicians are used to recording. (i.e going into a studio and recording with instruments, with band members). Matthew Herbert has recorded parts of his album in Mc Donalds, with the staff adding ambience to his music. Instead of play drum, he has produced drum beats with objects, match boxes and newspapers. Every song has a concept, often a political one that which determines where and what he may record. After learning about the foundations of his music, it really made you feel like you are apart of something special, apart of a journey and a musical moment in history.

Although we worked on two new songs, the highlight was certainly the visit from Matthew Herbert. 


At this point I also want to touch on the feeling of community. This is something I always long for as it doesn't come around to often. I grew up in a community, a nice one at that but over time it changed. The feeling of togetherness became a memory instead of reality. I've have only done a few things whereby I have felt that same sense of community, where people will work hard to make something work. Where peoples differences simply doesn't matter. To be apart of something like this is special.


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