Thursday, 1 October 2009

Day 4 - Blog Entry From Angela (Production Assistant)


Hi everyone! Here I am again updating you on the Goldsmiths Ensemble's world!

Today was another really full day and it was all about revision, revision, revision and... getting it right!

The Ensemble has put a total of 26 hours of rehearsal time since Monday and has another 6 hours of rehearsals tomorrow before the concert tomorrow evening (2nd October), which will be held in Goldsmiths Great Hall from 7pm!

I feel this vocal group is living an amazing experience because it has the opportunity to work with such talented artists like vocalist/ songwriter and choir leader Eska Mtungwazi and composer and producer Matthew Herbert.

The day started with a 4 hour rehearsal this morning with Eska singing the lead part and the ensemble managed to go though the whole set, moves included.
Photographer Kate Stanworth also joined us this morning and took some beautiful pictures that you can check out below!

The first part of rehearsals finished at 2 pm. Everyone was then back at 6 pm to go through the set again with the ensemble move director to get even the smallest detail right!

All props are ready, the ensemble is ready, we are all ready!

I'm very excited... are you?

Don't miss this performance! (Tickets are £7 on the door, £4 for students and £3 concession tickets)

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Photos by Kate Stanworth

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  1. I'm so so tired but very very excited about tomorrow. This choir is amazing. Thanks to everyone for their commitment, hard work, blogs, vibe, SINGING, incredible to work with you all. I must get to bed before I fall over. Much love all round. Alice XX