Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blog From Alex Geldenhuys (Member Of Ensemble)

After spending the week, trying to stand as still as I possibly can, my feet feel like they have actually been chopped off at the ankle and my big toes have gone to some tropical destination on holiday!

I can’t, hand-on-heart say that I don’t feel a little jaded after the week of mental, physical and emotional investment that I, and the rest of the motley crew, have made.

That being said, I’ve just watched the clip that Matthew Herbert made about the journey that he, and the masses involved in the “There’s me and there’s you” project, undertook and it dawned on me; I too am part of this process (I know!  How slow am I in this realization?!)  The realization that I am, along with all in the ensemble, part of the process of this voice and part of the never-ending journey of the message of the album, is pretty awesome. However, it’s a double-edged sword and I realize that the irony is that I too am part of the problem.  Nonetheless, whether I have similar or differing opinions to Matthew Herbert, at least it has made me further aware of and further analyse my place on this planet and I reckon that’s a pretty good start. The bonus, of course, is that I get to “read” a newspaper on stage whilst a bunch of people watch me, the power!  The power!..........(seems to have gone to my head ;-) )


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