Thursday, 1 October 2009

Day 4 - Blog Entry From Karolin (Member Of Ensemble)

Day 4... (and I still forgot my article for the mirror...shame on me)

It's all about intention today. I don't know why it is such a theme today, but it hangs in the room. Do everything you do with intention. Go, but don't just go. What's your intention behind it? Go to the horizon, it's not just straight to the horizon and why do we go to the horizon? When we go there we stop thinking about ourselves. We are not ourselves anymore. We are much further away and that's why we grow. That's how we sing. We sing to the horizon, because that's where the audience sits and they want to hear us.  We don’t want to hear ourselves, it's for them. 
I like this image because it helps me to stop fumbling around and rubbing my nose. I find standing so long without movement difficult, but there is a horizon and I can focus on it. There’s Alice, Joe, Struan, Eska, Katie, Julian and the ensemble.  We slowly comes together today, because of this focus.

We learnt “One Life” and this song is just... ......., sorry, I have no words! It moves, it hurts, it changes, it challenges and I think, for everyone of us. It's this perfect melody with this annoying sound that describes just everything that I can totally relate to. Maybe too much? I really have to keep my distance to deliver this song. It's amazing and Eska is just ... ... ... wow! We are a huge choir and yet it feels so intimate.

We’ve rehearsed the whole repertoire and I think we aren’t doing to badly. There are some parts that are not so clear and it’s funny as we’re like a big hive, one mind and we’re unsure together. But yes I think we are getting there.

The evening rehearsal after a long break was in The Great Hall. Big stage I have to admit, but ideal working space to rehearse “Take Me Home”. I think we’re all starting to feel more pressure now. It's interesting because for me it got ‘real’ this evening. It all seemed far away (I know a week is not far), but now it's thursday night and tomorrow is the concert. I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait to get it out there into the audience. There are still some bits and pieces I have to get my head around. Battery is really hard with the pillow case. I couldn't see a thing and that made me feel quite insecure. I will try again tomorrow with one of those really cheap ones, where they only use half of the material or maybe I should go for the dinosaur one?

Let's see...


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