Saturday, 3 October 2009

Last Night's Performance By Van (Production Assistant)

Last night I saw a group of individuals walk on stage and perform as a unit. I am so proud of the ensemble. This in itself is such a great achievement. To have learnt so many demanding songs in such a short time span. An ensemble that was made up of experienced and complete novices. 

The hours they've put in, both in rehearsals and in their own time. I have seen members grow weary but fight with persistence in these rehearsals. Many members of the ensemble are participating in something that is way out of their comfort zone. All of this and more, is the reason why the performance was such a success. The ensemble were determined to make it work and they did. They sang with confidence and performed with such strength, that it was provoking and uncomfortable. 
As I looked around closely at each member, I could see nothing but passion and feel nothing but inspiration. 

"One Life" which was the last song of the set, was the most powerful piece. The song had a bleep which represents 100 people killed in the war of Iraq. This bleep sit over the music in a tormenting way. After a while it turns into a continuous tone. 
The song ended in a 30 second silence. To pull this off and have the audience so quiet, was a true testament to how powerful the performance really was. I don't even think the ensemble intended on holding the silence for that long but that is the power of music and being caught up in the moment. It is hard when performing or even listening to this piece, not to get emotional involved and drawn in. 

For anyone who wants to see something different, modern, meaningful, political, thought provoking, inspiration........THIS IS THE SHOW TO SEE.


Photos by Kate Stanworth

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