Thursday, 1 October 2009

Day 5 - Blog From Van (Production Assistant)

Today is the big day, the first performance of the academic year for the ensemble and for most of the members the first time performing in such a project. I must say I am very excited and cannot wait for the performance. The ensemble has grown immensely since I'd joined (over a year ago) and I am honored to still be apart of it.

My role in the ensemble this year is different. Instead of being a member of the choir, I am assisting in the preparation of the two ensemble performances (The Great Hall and The Barbican). The experience has enabled me to grow and develop skills in so many different ways. I only have the ensemble and team working on this project to thank for this opportunity. 
I have spent the last few days off-site working on the props and websites and I shall continue to do so through the duration of this project. 

I hope my blogs give some of you a better insight of what is happening behind the scene and within the ensemble. Please feel free to comment on blog or ask questions. I'd be happy to respond.

That's it for now. Hope to see you tonight.


*Thank you to all those who have continued to support the ensemble, it has simply added to this journey and experience.*

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