Saturday, 3 October 2009

Performance Review By Angela (Production Assistant)

Hello lovely people!
What can I say... last night was a big and earned success!

After so much hard work I am so happy to say that  the whole performance went smoothly and that the ensemble looked amazing!

It has been such a good experience for me to follow the ensemble as part of the production team this year. I was a soprano of the Goldsmiths Ensemble last year when we performed for Matthew Herbert at the London Jazz Festival (and that was a whole brilliant experience of its own) but for the first time last night  I was enjoying the show instead of being on stage!

 I only now realize the power of this vocal group and how strongly each song's message comes across!

I think most of the audience was surprised last night by the unusual performance of the choir, by the creative and socially/ politically involved music that was sung and played and by the extremely talented main singer Eska Mtungwazi.
To 'shock' an audience is always an important and positive thing especially in today's world where it is not very easy to find meaningful music like Matthew Herbert's compositions.

Yesterday was a really intense day full of rehearsals, preparation, last minute things, adrenalin and excitement.

We also put up our 'mural' called the 'Ensemble Times' in the Great Hall. This gigantic lookalike newspaper showed a lot of articles that the members of the ensemble considered important to be showed and thoughts were written down on paper fro everyone to see and, why not, think about.

Photos of this event will be posted soon! Our friend and photographer Kate came along last night and took more lovely pictures!

To conclude todays blog I would like to say that I consider my self to be part of something important, something i am proud of. I am surrounded by people that have something to say, something so valid that it is worth singing it out loud!

Thanks to everyone involved in the ensemble and the very hard work of Alice and Jo.


Photos by Kate Stanworth

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