Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Friday - Day Of The Performance - Karolin (Member Of Ensemble)

So here was the final day...
I was so tired in the morning.  We were rehearsing in a great hall, and warming up with Kate, which was really nice. I like the exercise of giving and taking energy. It straightens me. Performance-wise I feel I can't give anything today and I am so tense.  My shoulder-rolling is more a shoulder-cracking and I get dizzy in 'Waiting' because I feel I'm waiting too long.  Poor Eska is stuck in traffic so she is running a bit late.
Finally we start the rehearsals with Eska.  It's ok but I think everyone feels we’re not quite there. Why are there still some parts I just can't get my head around?  Some bits feel like I'm singing them the first time - Oh my God! How difficult can it be?!!

We have a break and afternoon rehearsals are in good old CC.  I've been better and my feet hurt... but I take a look at Eska – she’s on tour, busy rehearsing and gigging, and her energy is as fresh as a morning’s breeze which motivates me.  As she talks about giving and taking between the choir and herself I wake up a bit. We go through the whole set and I really try (but I’m still tired and am still making mistakes, aaaargh those tappings!).
We break until 7pm when the concert starts. I have a huge cookie, which I think is absolutely delicious (no I didn't get paid for that!) and relax for a few hours, mhhhhh... that was nice!
The concert starts with the classical musicians which is really nice, I enjoy it.  But I get more and more excited – I can't wait for it to be our turn - and finally.... tatatataaaaaa - we're on!  We did it! 6 songs (yes we learned 7), 4 days, around 24 hours of rehearsing.  Matthew is here, which makes me even more nervous. Kate and Strewn stand in the back and have this look on their faces, I'm not sure who was more nervous!  But Eska, oh my, she looks stunning (her shoes are just from outer space!).  To her it is the most normal thing to do.  It just works, it just works, it just works, it just works. I feel prepared, I feel secure in my place, I feel great within the group, I feel as if I am part of something great, I feel the songs, I feel Eska’s voice and Alice’s emotions (she's fabulous!). I feel myself, I feel nervous, I feel the full impact of Matthew's ideas... I feel good.
And at the end I see this grin on Struan’s and Kate's faces and I know we nailed it -  yeeeees, I feel we nailed it! Everyone was just fantastic.

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