Friday, 9 October 2009

Blog From Karolin

The great thing about singing is it makes me feel good, I feel free, I feel open, I have fun. Isn't that the best thing to have?
After surviving a week of coughing people around me, I finally received the flu from a nice donator who want's to stay anonymous (who ever it is... ).
Still rehearsals are going on and apart from not hearing a thing it
was good to be in the group again and rehears together. You get really
used to it after a week being so close together... although there are
lot's of new faces, it amazed me how fast everyone caught up with the
rest. I think it works like a wave that just takes you and sways you
into the right direction or maybe there are just lot's of really good and ambitious people...
Wednesday I just stayed for an hour which is really sad but passing on germs is not one of my hobbies... sorry! 
Hope everyone had great fun and you did all movements correct so I can learn them, hihi!

I wish you all the best and see you next Tuesday,


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